Cultural Olympics


As part of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Miramas has decided to create its own Cultural Olympics. For more than a year, and until the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city has been offering a series of events at the crossroads between sport, art and culture.

The Cultural Olympics made in Miramas, is above all a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural program with common appointments mixing the artistic field with the sports field around themes to share.


Pierre de Coubertin

Combine the muscle with the spirit.

Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee

Olympics “made in Miramas!”

Our Olympics aim to offer a strong cultural experience, to bring together the worlds of sport, education and culture and to prepare, in unison with all the actors of the city, the arrival of the Olympic Games 2024 in Miramas.

Each event that is part of our Cultural Olympiad meets one of these three criteria:

  • Use sport as a theme for artistic expression

  • To be held in a sports venue or in connection with a sports event

  • To highlight the common values of sport and culture

The Cultural Olympics: a co-constructed project

The Cultural Olympics is also the means for the commune of initiate a real collective dynamic by co-building local highlights that will mobilize each inhabitant and actor of the territory. Citizen participation, the cornerstone of Miramas, will be completely part of the DNA of these Olympics.

This large-scale project will also be an opportunity for the citizens to see sport differently and to make it an artistic, cultural and educational issue.

A look back at the first highlights of the Cultural Olympics in Miramas :

“La beauté du geste s’expose !” : an exhibition initiated by the city which succeeded in crossing sport and culture in the Stadium Miramas Métropole.

The Maritima Music Tour : back on a concert totally which mobilized more than 7800 spectators!

The Kombatch VIP International : when the La Colonne theater se transformse into a real fighting room.

“Je ne cours pas, je vole !” The poignant story of a young athlete that rocked the La Colonne Theatre.

The Mouv’Art exhibition: an ephemeral exhibition that put sports in the spotlight!