published at 20-01-2023 - updated at : 24-03-2023

One year before the launch of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Miramas, which has been awarded the “Terre de Jeux” (Land of Games) and the “Centre de Préparation aux Jeux” (Games Preparation Center) label, will vibrate to the rhythm of sport and celebration during an event that is 100% free of charge. Cultural Olympiad by the Cultural Department of Paris 2024.

Thanks to the involvement of the city, the Office Municpal des Sports, local sports associations and in partnership with the Stadium Miramas Métropole and the departmental Handi 13 committee, you will find throughout the day a wide range of fun and sports activities for all and for all tastes!

Learn about the new Olympic disciplines:

  • Climb to the top of the mobile climbing wall.
  • Catch the wave on the mechanical surf.
  • Glide on the asphalt through an ephemeral skate park accompanied by surf skate and indo board instructors.
  • Move to hip-hop rhythms in the presence of professional breakdancers.

Enjoy many sports activities offered by our rich network of associations: athletics, badminton, climbing, tennis, table tennis, cycling, gymnastics, soccer, American soccer, rugby, basketball, parkour, street workout, martial arts (chuong quan khi dao, MMA, jiu-Jitsu, judo, grappling, Aikido), archery / blowpipe, swimming and diving (at the indoor pool), petanque, yoga, volleyball, softball, baseball fencing, handball, golf and crossfit.

Discover disabled sports in the presence of top athletes and take part in awareness workshops.

Come and experience new sensations thanks to virtual reality:

  • Try new sports (wingsuit, snowboard, golf, climbing, tennis).
  • Defy your fear of heights by walking through the skyscrapers.

Imitate the “Ninja Warriors” and challenge yourself on the largest course in France with 43m of obstacles.

Play the adventurer with the zip line: 8 m high and 50 m long.

Switch to Esport mode on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 and challenge yourself in a tournament phase organized by Universlan.

Marvel at the professional shows and performances offered:

  • Ambulatory circus with acrobat and balancing act.
  • Demonstration of freestyle soccer juggling.
  • Participate in the creation of a work of art linking sport and art with the artist Jean-Noël Tomasi.

Jean-Noël Tomasi, a self-taught artist from Miramas who sees the plastic approach as a way to question the human being, will supervise the creation of a 2m high participative work. The work will be made entirely of recycled materials. For him, artistic practice, whatever its form, becomes the manifestation of a question, a reflection, an exploration in which philosophy, poetry and spirituality are mixed.

Immortalize this moment with the photobooth.

Food court and foodtrucks

Partner sports associations:

  • AÏki Miramas
  • Association Sportive de Tennis de Table de Miramas (ASTT)
  • Association Sportive des Golfeurs Handicapés
  • Athletic Club Miramas
  • Badminton Club
  • Bulls Baseball Club La Fare
  • Chuong quan khi dao
  • Club Alpin Français
  • Comité départemental Handisport 13
  • Compagnie des Archers de la Crau
  • Crossfit Miramas
  • Escrime Pays du Lunel
  • GPSports
  • Gymnastique Club Miramas
  • Judo Jujitsu Miramas
  • Les Miuras
  • Les Pieds Tanqués
  • Lokomotiv Miramas triathlon
  • Lotus Yoga
  • Mira’grimp
  • Miramas Basket
  • Miramas Bunks
  • Miramas Cyclotourisme
  • Miramas Handball Ouest Provence
  • Natation Sports Miramas
  • Parkour
  • Phenix Street Workout
  • Rugby Féminin
  • Rugby XV
  • Spéléolus
  • Sports Loisirs et Culture
  • Tennis Club Miramas
  • Union Sportive Miramas
  • Vélo Club Miramas
  • Volley Club Salon

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