Land of Games 2024

When Miramas celebrates Olympism

In 2019, Miramas entered the adventure of the Olympic Games by being labeled “Land of Games 2024”.
Set up by the Paris 2024 Committee, this label aims to make the Games a national project, by involving the territories in the Olympic dynamics and by promoting their actions.
Definitely a city of sport and future, Miramas has a year-round calendar of sporting events and competitions of national importance at the Stadium. With 2024 in sight, the city is strengthening its ambitious and accessible sports policy, and invites all Miramasseans to gather around the values of sport and to celebrate Olympism.

Frédéric Vigouroux

We share this recognition with the entire Miramasse sports movement and its many volunteers. Sport is an essential pillar of the life and future of our city, which aims to create a virtuous circle where sport becomes the lever of new practices, new training in sports professions, economic opportunities and health for all. The labels obtained since last year reward the innovative policy undertaken since 2008 and we can be proud of the progress made.

Frédéric Vigouroux, Mayor of Miramas

A label with multiple ambitions

Becoming Terre de Jeux 2024 means :

  • To commit to contributing to the emotions of the Games for all, to changing the daily lives of citizens through sport and to allowing the greatest number of people to experience the Olympic and Paralympic adventure
  • To put forward a new way of practicing sport, making it more sustainable and responsible.
  • To develop the accessibility of sport to everyone, regardless of age, gender, social origin, physical condition, etc.
  • To promote the discovery of sport and its values, to support education through sport and to put more sport in the daily life of their inhabitants.

“The celebration will be more beautiful if it is shared, and the legacy will be stronger if it is co-constructed”, such is the philosophy of “Land of Games 2024”.

The assets that have made Miramas a “Land of Games” city.

Obtaining this label by the municipality is based on an ambitious sports policy, accessible to all, which takes into account all aspects of sport in Miramas and which is based on strong values shared with those of Olympism (inclusiveness, sport for all, equality, respect).

Miramas and the handisport

As a true school of citizenship, sports and leisure activities are nowadays vectors in the fight against discrimination, but above all they are important means of integration. This is why the municipal team now pays particular attention to the practice of handisport, helped in particular by the “Miramas Sport & Handicap” scheme offered since 2018 for all people with disabilities wishing to practice a physical activity adapted to their needs. Currently, the “Sport & Handicap” project has 12 certified clubs (see the list at the bottom of the page) and 30 specific or mixed physical activity slots offered for people with disabilities. To date, more than 50 people with disabilities practice in the various certified clubs and thrive in the associative fabric.

This desire for inclusion is also reflected in the city’s sports facilities, all of which are accessible for the practice of sports for all.

A sports policy for all, a vector of good health and well-being

Convinced of the health benefits of regular physical activity, Miramas launched in 2016, its “Sport, Health and Well-Being” program declined in three parts and piloted by the Office Municipal des Sports. An innovative system has been set up to encourage the practice of sport for all, with “Sport bien-être” for sedentary people and senior citizens, “Sport handicap” and Sport on prescription, prescribed by a general practitioner, for people suffering from a chronic pathology, a long-term illness or who are overweight.
From school sports to high-level sports, with nearly 70 sports associations, the city works for sports for all. With a high level sports heritage, notably with the Stadium Miramas Métropole, and more than 45 sports facilities in the city, it develops natural sports, either supervised or open access.
Last innovation, released in September 2020, “The Saint-Suspi course”, integrated into the mobile application “On the paths of Miramas”, which allows beginners and experienced to be coached on the equipment in free access around the lake. The application, which is entirely free, is available for download from the following stores: Google Play (Android): http: // and App Store (iOS): http: //

Miramas, land of champions

Miramas is also a land of champions in many disciplines, regularly selected for the biggest championships.
Beryl Gastaldello (swimming), Sakina Karchaoui (French soccer team), Virginie and Stéphane Ballario (armchair kata) or Chloé Bulleux (handball), are all godmothers and godfathers who proudly carry the city’s performances.
Read the testimonies of our champions

Miramas, Preparation Center for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Hosting delegations from all over the world on its territory for a preparatory course, or as a back camp during the Games, means offering them optimal conditions to train, recover from jet lag, acclimatize and prepare themselves as well as possible to achieve top-class Games.
This unique opportunity to take part in the future success of tomorrow’s champions has been offered to Miramas in 2020, when the city is officially selected as a preparation center for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The national Olympic and Paralympic athletics teams as well as the national Olympic badminton teams will be able to prepare for the Olympics in the best possible conditions at the Stadium Miramas Métropole. Following several preparation courses, the Kenyan Olympic Committee has also formalized a partnership with Miramas, confirming its desire to make the city its rear base during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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