Miramas is committed

Since 2008, the city of Miramas has relied on an innovative sports project, a vector of economic and civic development, built with associations, clubs, champions, educators, volunteers, but also elected officials, municipal services, companies and institutional partners. Our municipality, already labeled European City of Sport, Land of games 2024, House of Sport and Health and official preparation center for the Olympic Games, relies on a committed sports policy.

Frédéric Vigouroux

Sport is an essential pillar of the social life of our city. It is also a vector of encounters, shared pleasures, emotions, respect, solidarity...

Frédéric Vigouroux - Mayor of Miramas

Miramas, city of sports!

Miramas has set itself major challenges for the 2020/2026 term of office, in the continuity of the previous one, whose two pillars of development are sport and sustainable development. An ambitious project for the well-being of all Miramasseans, the economic attractiveness, the creation of future training and jobs, the improvement of the living environment and the leisure offer.

Miramas, which defines itself as a city of sport and sustainable development, supports its rich network of associations in this global dynamic, which is an essential link in the citizenship and local participatory democracy.

  • A sports policy integrated into the territorial development plan (distribution and networking of facilities, protection and sports development of the commune’s green lung, development of urban sports and soft and sports mobility, green lines)
  • High-level sports heritage, notably with the Miramas Métropole Stadium and more than 45 sports facilities in the city with a sustained investment plan for creation, maintenance and renovation
  • Accessibility of the city and inclusive sports policy (from school sports to elite sports)
  • A concerted and co-constructed sports policy with a dynamic network of associations (72 sports associations in all disciplines, 10,120 members)
  • Clubs with the health and disability sport label
  • Dynamism of the Municipal Sports Office, particularly with the “Sport santé” program and its five components (Well-being / Disability / Sport on prescription / Youth Sport / Corporate Sport)
  • Sports policy in priority neighborhoods (sports coupons, Mirasport mobile, Urban sport)
  • The development of initial and continuing education, the establishment of higher education and professional training in the municipality
  • The organization of major sporting events
  • The development of nature sports and sustainable sports (in connection with the city’s sustainable development policy)
  • Sport innovation with E-sport and digital technology at the service of free access sport
  • Sport as a springboard for opportunities, economic development and jobs