City of sports for all

Sport for all, a factor of social link and citizen inclusion

In 2017, Miramas is a partner of Marseille-Provence “European Capital of Sport”: a reward for the efforts of a city that has taken the bold step of placing sport for all at the heart of sustainable and innovative development for all its inhabitants.

The secret of this collective success is the ability of the sports movement to federate. Associations, clubs, educators, volunteers, partners, elected officials and municipal services: all form a team to give each Miramassee the opportunity to practice the sport of his choice.

The objective of Sport for All is to give all inhabitants access to a sporting activity. Financial assistance for the payment of licenses, awareness-raising for the practice of sports in priority neighborhoods, support for people who are far from sports to practice, development of outdoor spaces accessible to all are the main tools for social ties and sports for all.

Sport for health, well-being, disability, youth and business

Competitions, performance, surpassing oneself… What if sport was first and foremost a way to feel good? Convinced of the benefits of regular physical activity on health, Miramas launched in 2016, its program “Sport, health, well-being and disability”, labeled Maison Sport Santé, declined in five components and piloted by the Office municipal des Sports. An innovative device set up with the ambition of encouraging the practice of sport for all.

Sport and well-being

First part of a physical activity program adapted to people who are far from sports practice. This device allows sedentary people and seniors, who want to regain a taste for effort, to regain their physical condition.
> 200 people

Sport and disability

This component aims to offer any person with a physical or sensory disability an adapted sport practice.
> 50 people

Sport on prescription

General practitioners can prescribe adapted physical activity to people with a chronic pathology, a long-term condition or who are overweight. Once the prescription has been made, the beneficiary is directed to the WHO, which offers him/her to practice up to three physical activities per week adapted to his/her abilities in clubs labeled “Miramas sport santé sur ordonnance”.
> Since 2016, 250 people have benefited from this scheme

Sport santé jeunes

The objective of this component is to accompany kindergarteners, middle schoolers and overweight/obese children in schools and to offer them a physical activity adapted to their needs and expectations.

Sport in the workplace

This component accompanies the employees of the companies in an adapted physical activity or sport in their daily life (physical activity during the lunch break / seminars / sport job dating). In 2020, fifty employees of companies in Miramas benefited from seminars and a physical fitness assessment.

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Sport and education

To complete the school sports practice, the city of Miramas has made available to all elementary school, nine territorial educators who offer activities during school time: outdoor activities, orienteering, climbing and sailing.

Outside of school hours, sports workshops are also offered throughout the year.

In partnership with the national education system, the city has set up a “swimming plan” to encourage learning to swim.

The city facilitates access to sports for children by creating municipal sports schools:

  • Municipal golf school (unique in France)
  • Municipal Sailing School
  • Municipal Swim School

It also offers sports in the city’s secondary schools in partnership with the federations:

  • Riding and soccer classes at Albert Camus College
  • Handball and athletics class at Miramaris College
  • Basketball class in Miramaris and Carraire high schools

This integration of sports in schools is fully in line with the “Nutrition” program in schools, with more than 50% organic meals and a goal of 100%. Under these conditions, we fully comply with the national program “eat well, move well”.

Sport in priority neighbourhoods

Sport is a vehicle for emancipation, mobility and social integration. In priority neighborhoods, sports are a lever of a more global policy that links education, well-being, security, employment and living environment. It is also a social laboratory where new practices are developed: street workout, mobile sports and breakdance.

In partnership with the city, the Municipal Sports Office organizes, once a month, in each priority district, a discovery of sports practices. The city offers and supports measures aimed at this priority group:

  • Coup’ sports: financial aid
  • Mirasport mobile: mobile minibus equipped with educational and sports material
  • Urban sport : workshops of sports practices

Sport Solidaire

3 devices to help access to sports

Handi Passport
25 € coupon to facilitate access to sport for people with disabilities

Wellness Coupon
100 € coupon to facilitate the transition between the “Sport sur ordonnance” and “Sport bien-être

Sport coupon
Voucher of 25 € to facilitate access to the sports policy in association for children from nursery schools, primary schools and high schools, living in the priority districts of the city.

Sport and solidarity

The city and all its actors support solidarity causes for the benefit of the most disadvantaged people:

  • Race against hunger
  • My vacations in Miramas
  • Fontlongue High School’s Solidarity Cross
  • Mirathon/Telethon
  • Go run for fun
  • Blood donation walk

Sport, training and economy

Campus and sports professions, Miramas trains the talents of tomorrow

The “Campus des métiers du sport” is designed to encourage vocations and train athletes, technicians and supervisors. The city’s high schools and the CNPC, under the impetus of the municipality, are preparing the talents of tomorrow.

Lycée Jean-Cocteau, the strength of training for sports professions

With its new 48-seat boarding school, the “Sports Professions” accredited high school offers :

  • A preparation for jobs in sports and entertainment (DPMSA) Implemented in 2012, this program, which runs parallel to traditional schooling, provides the mandatory prerequisites to become a sports educator. It prepares you for entry into a university or sports school. 100 students participate each year.
  • A diploma course in alternation with the “Futurosud” sports apprenticeship training center. Since 2016, the preparation for the patent of popular education and youth – Activities for All (BPJ… PS – APT) – trains young people in the professions of sport and animation. In collaboration with the departmental handball league, it favors a small number of students and a diversified course offer.
  • At the beginning of the 2021 school year, a State Diploma of Bac+2 level (DEP JEPS) will be offered in addition to the BPJEPS.

The Fontlongue private agricultural high school, tailor-made sport-study sections

  • A recognized horseback riding section for 10 years.
  • A Football section opened since September 2015.

Sport Business School

The partnership signed between the city of Miramas, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pau-Béarn and the CNPC, has formalized the installation of the Higher School of Sports Business in Miramas in 2018. A unique range of professional training courses in the sports trade, directly linked to the needs of the sector’s major brands. After Pau, Grenoble, Paris, Quimper, Mulhouse, Orléans and Saint-Pierre de La Réunion, Miramas is the 8th Sports Business School in France.

Its objective: to respond as closely as possible to the needs of companies by constantly adapting training courses, from level V to level I, to the demands of the sector.

  • Since September 2020, a state diploma of Bac +2 (DEJEPS) proposed in addition to the BPJEPS.
  • As of October 2021:
    • Preparation for the competitive examination for the position of Territorial APS Educator (ETAPS).
    • Preparation for the National Water Safety and Rescue Certificate (BNSSA).
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Sport, an economic lever with great potential

Miramas has a wide range of sports facilities, high-level installations, a structured training program, and the arrival of companies from the world of sports. Miramas has clearly given itself the means to succeed, and is now on the road to new growth.

CAP Sport, a powerful economic development tool

Initiated by the city in 2017, the CAP Sport Territorial Cluster for Economic Cooperation brings together actors from the Miramas sports movement, education, associations, communities and businesses.

Three objectives to increase economic opportunities:

  • Structuring the training courses
    Example: develop and structure training courses for sports professions (sports activities, sports business, etc.).
  • Putting the economy at the heart of the sports project
    For example: encourage the installation of companies in the world of sports (start-ups, wellness areas, rehabilitation centers, sports clinics, etc.).
  • Strengthening employability, the key to successful hiring
    For example: pooling responses to questions of time-sharing, seasonality, work-study contracts, transferability of skills, etc.

Cap Sport is asserting itself as a powerful economic development tool for the city.

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High level sport

Miramas is also a land of champions in many disciplines. Sponsors who proudly carry the city’s performances, support the actions of local clubs and participate in Miramas’ sports highlights.

Read the testimonies of our champions