Innovative sports initiatives

Ambitions and devices

Baby Sport

Aware of the importance of educating children from an early age to physical activity, the municipality will implement from September 2021 a sports offer for the youngest:

  • For children from 1 to 3 years old: motor skills workshops in partnership with the nursery schools and the local nursery assistants.
  • For children from 3 to 6 years old during school time: motor skills workshops and nutrition workshops in partnership with the local schools.
  • For children from 3 to 6 years old outside of school: a multi-sports project on Wednesdays in partnership with the local sports associations and the Offlice municipal des Sports.

Training for sports professions

To make Miramas a training platform for sports-related professions by consolidating the partnership with federations and leagues.

Expand our training offer for sports professions within our Training Unit for adults, implementation since September 2020 of a DEJEPS Physical Activities for All training.

Creation of a boarding school at the Jean Cocteau high school and housing for young working people or athletes.

Sport nature

“Sport nature” are also great tools for environmental education and awareness.

The creation of a site dedicated to the practice of Parkour and Run obstacles is planned. It will allow “tracers” and families to enjoy a sport and leisure place in the middle of nature.

The city relies on three strategic pillars that are conducive to the development of nature sports:

  • Existing natural facilities: Cabasse, Poudrerie, hiking trails, Saint-Suspi lake…
  • The gradual renovation of all the neighborhoods and urban developments include sports facilities that promote the culture of natural sports (Aubanel, La Carraire park, North entrance, etc.).
  • New outdoor sports: Parkour, orienteering, climbing, 3D archery, obstacle course, mountain biking.

Outdoor activities are an undeniable vector of economic development, tourism and attractiveness of the territory.

“Sport nature” are also great tools for education, discovery and environmental awareness.

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Innovative actions: sport and Covid-19

The municipality, in partnership with the Office Municipal des Sports and the city’s sports clubs, has decided to propose innovative actions in line with the health guidelines in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis:

  • April, the month of sports. A unique experience of free activities with registration in small groups of 5 people, in accordance with health guidelines. More than 200 slots and 50 free à la carte activities.
  • Muscle up your vacation. Sports activities in two stadiums in the town during the school vacations for 10-17 year olds. Supervised practice in accordance with health guidelines: open air, distance, sports adapted to health conditions, several small groups spaced out, hydroalcoholic gel, masks, respect for curfew.

Sport tourism: new challenges

The city’s assets and facilities, and the flows generated by the McArthurGlen Provence Outlet Village (3 million visitors/year), provide a foundation for the development of sports tourism.

Discovering the city’s sporting heritage, offering training courses, conferences, tours with top athletes and encouraging people to come and enjoy Miramas: these are the challenges of a new form of tourism which aims, through federations, companies and businesses, to attract thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts to Miramas every year.

Miramas has a mobile application “On the paths of Miramas” to promote sports and cultural tourist routes. Numerous hiking, running and mountain biking routes are currently available. Other routes are being prepared to offer a new way to discover and practice the territory. Downloadable for free on the stores, the application is equipped with geolocation allowing the discovery of hikes, points of interest and good plans of the routes (leisure, artisans, merchants, etc.).

E-sport, opportunities


For more than 10 years, the local association Univers Lan has been able to expand a major e-sport event. An annual event that brings together thousands of visitors and echoes the commitments of Miramas, city of sport.

In 2019, E-Sport Day was held under the sign of sustainable development and respect for the environment with the organization Eva, specialized in the recovery of obsolete electronic equipment and components.

  • To develop awareness of e-sport for the greatest number of people via “E-sport boxes”. E-sport animations for the youth of Miramas during the year with the professional team.
  • Host regular e-sport competitions at the Stadium.

Creation of an e-sport team Miramas

  • Broadcasting of the games on the Twitch channel “city of Miramas”.


  • Sporting path to become an “e-sport” coach with the BPJEPS APT option e-sport.
  • Future sectors with digital professions, IT, influencers, Web TV, etc.

Development of an incubator for digital professions

Reception of digital companies around the e-sport in the same place: data processing, community manager, digital marketing, streamer, etc.

Active mobility

The city includes soft modes of transportation in its major urban planning and renewal projects. It reinforces its commitment to responsible mobility.

Miramas is a pilot area for the “metropolitan bicycle plan” and will continue to put bicycles and active mobility at the heart of its transportation policy. It also hosts the Metropole levélo+ scheme: rental of electric bicycles in the area.

The city is developing, through the national plan “Know how to ride a bike”, the acquisition of the learning necessary for a real autonomy on a bike for the beginning of the secondary school.