published at 28-02-2022 - updated at : 28-02-2022

The beauty of the gesture is exposed at the Stadium! Searching for performance, surpassing oneself… these are the themes that were addressed in the photo exhibition by Pierre Thépenier and Hubert Auer, hung on the walls of the Miramas Métropole Stadium, the preparation center for the Olympics that will soon welcome the Kenyan delegation.

An exhibition initiated by the city, which succeeded in crossr sport and culture as a preamble to the Olympics
ultural Olympics made in Miramas on the occasion of the JO 2024.

The photographers, respectively professor of photography in Marseille and communication manager for a large aeronautical group, have captured sports moments, many of them in Miramas, through which they wanted to convey emotions. The exhibition, in the form of about twenty large format photos, returned to various sporting events in the South Region: Elite Massilia Gym, European swimming meeting, tennis, para-swimming, MMA and athletics at the Stadium, para-badminton…

We had the chance to cover big events at the Miramas Métropole Stadium. Luck, both for the sporting side, the quality of the athletes, the proximity that we can have with them, but also for the exceptional luminosity that this sports equipment offers.

Pierre Thépenier and Hubert Auer

Exposition la beauté du geste
Exposition la beauté du geste
Exposition la beauté du geste
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