published at 28-09-2022 - updated at : 28-09-2022

“Allo fraté”, I live my “Best life” in Miramas!

You were nearly 7,800 on Tuesday, September 27, to cover these songs of Paga and Bengous, Naps, but also those of Shy’m, Yanns, Alonzo, Amel Bent, Mentissa, La Zarra or La petite culotte. Several of you have thanked the City for having made them win free tickets for the Maritima Music Tour (5 online games, distribution of tickets and t-shirts on the market), but it is really us who thank you for having put this crazy atmosphere at the Miramas Metropole Stadium, temple of sport labeled Center of Preparation for the Games which will soon welcome the Kenyan delegation for its training sessions.

It is areal success for the city of Miramas, which has managed, in partnership with Maritima, to link art and sport around a large-scale event as part of the Cultural Olympics organized by the city for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Thanks also to Maritima who chose Miramas to celebrate its 40th anniversary and to the Miramas Métropole Stadium for hosting this anniversary event.

We are always happy to share a beautiful stage with magnificent artists. It was the fire, there were a lot of people. I call it the great south, it is the best public in France and they proved it again tonight.


Relive the best moments of the evening

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