published at 31-08-2022 - updated at : 31-08-2022

Since its use as a staff housing of the former Poudrerie Royale, until the hosting of the French windfoil championship, nearly 70 years have passed. A beautiful transformation for this exceptional site!


A nautical base to train the youth

To democratize sailing, a discipline included in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to allow a sport practice open to all, such are the objectives of the City and the Nautic Club Miramas who share the means and the equipment to welcome the Miramasseens in the best conditions. Every year, hundreds of young Miramasseans try sailing and discover the nature, fauna and flora of this unique place. The 2021- 2022 season has allowed us to welcome 17 elementary school trips, Wednesday multi-activities as well as one week of the sports vacation program.


The goal for 2023?

Offer additional slots during school vacations to make the sailing base a real leisure base (paddle, canoe, etc.).


The number

38,000 € is the amount of work invested in 2022.

  • Rehabilitation of the pontoon.
  • Launching descent.
  • Launching dock to PMR standards.


Winning Mistral for Miramas!

Colin Hermitant - French U19 windfoil champion

Colin Hermitant – French U19 windfoil champion © Jean-Marc Cornu


In June, the French Sailing Federation entrusted them with the organization of the French Youth Extreme Glisse Foil Championship. A challenge brilliantly met by the Nautic Club Miramas, Michel Lurine, its president and volunteers.

In a few figures :

  • 2 months to organize the competition
  • 62 volunteers
  • 120 young people welcomed

This very nice edition concretizes the work led by the Nautic Club Miramas in its sports policy: a title of French champion of the U19 for Colin Hermitant, honorable places for our other racers, but also the organization of a national competition which proved us that we could hold on the duration (7 days), we who had organized only regattas on 2 days.

Michel Lurine - President of the Nautic club Miramas

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