published at 07-11-2022 - updated at : 07-11-2022

What a surprise for the young players of the stade Couvent in Miramas!
On Wednesday 12th October, the footballers of our two clubs (FC Miramas and US Miramas) discovered the new changing rooms which have been rehabilitated thanks to the Xbox project, a partner of the French Football Federation, and to Sakina Karchaoui, a Miramas native and player of the French national team.

The locker rooms, which are essential for team cohesion, have been repainted, lockers installed, woodwork changed, and the floor repaired… All these improvements will also benefit our students.

It's true that the locker room is a place of cohesion where we laugh, we joke. It is in this room that a solidarity is created that you will see again afterwards on the field.

Sakina Karchaoui - French international footballer

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Miramas, kick-off of the Xbox FC

Last March, Xbox, the official gaming partner of the French Football Federation, announced the upcoming launch of a new program, called Xbox FC. It will allow young footballers to see their dreams come true by offering them completely renovated training and living facilities. Xbox and the FFF will ensure that these new facilities are maintained, and will continue to support the selected clubs through other initiatives over time.

For the launch, the teams set about renovating the facilities shared by the two clubs in the town of Miramas, FC Miramas and US Miramas. A first club was needed to master the implementation of the program, and Miramas was an obvious choice since it is the one where Sakina Karchaoui, the sponsor of Xbox FC, started. Both clubs in the city can now count on completely renovated locker rooms.

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